Steam Marines 2 - Human Ship Interior

These are some concepts and assets I made for the human ship interior in Steam Marines 2. These images are records of in-progress development, and are not representative of the final visuals, content, or level layout of the game.

Steam Marines 2 is currently in development.

Daniel allen sm2 patinainteriorconcept

One of the early sketches for the industrial steampunk style of the human ship interior. The cubic nature of the level components provided an interesting challenge.

Daniel allen sm2 scenery pcs

Options for display types for a rudimentary low-tech computer console. Inspired by early historical typewriters.

Daniel allen sm2 doorsandhallways

Modular doors and hallways. This scene shows some edge cases with door tiles. We were able to create doors which conformed to the single cubic tiles which make up the levels, while still giving them the ability to form larger entryways.

Daniel allen sm2 scenery isometric

The game itself is not isometric, but I couldn't resist trying it out during development of these scenery objects.

Daniel allen sm2 scenery

A test layout for a workshop area populated by scenery.